Fungal Infection of Toenails

Nail fungus is a relatively common condition that exists in both man and woman. Until recently the condition was an embarrassing problem with limited options such as ointments and drugs that offered disappointing results and uncomfortable side effects.

With the event of Laser Technology one can enjoy immediate results even after one short Laser Treatment. The procedure is virtually painless and is also suitable for diabetics. Most cases require 4 or 6 sessions with no less than one week between each procedure.

Benefits of this treatment

The laser beam creates heat energy which is then targeted to the affected are that completely kill all traces of the fungal organism. The laser beam heats up the skin tissue without damaging it, enhancing the natural healing process. Without any living fungus you do not have to worry about symptoms spreading to other toes. Come in for treatment during your lunch break and you can return back to work with no symptoms.